You Want The Job? Show Me!

September 3rd, 2010 → 2:41 am @ // 0 Comments

I was just flipping through the June 2010 issue of Inc. magazine and I was reading a story Jason Fried, the founder of 37 Signals. He was telling stories about why they hire people. He said that we don’t even look at resumes, instead, we look at cover letters. Cover letters tell a story better than a resume, that’s for sure.

He also talked about they hired one person after that person went out and created a special website just for them, to impress them. He pitched them. Here’s the website.

So smart. He got the job.

You want the job? Show me.

I tell a story in my book about how I used post-it notes to get offered a job. I wanted the job. I knew they were interviewing a ton of people. I wasn’t any better then any of them in graphic design. In fact, I was an average designer at best. But I wanted the job.

I tell another story in the book how I wanted to get into the Internet video business. I had a friend who owned a big SEO firm and I pitched him via video on YouTube. I could have sent a resume… c’mon, that wasn’t going to work.

You want the job? Show me.

So what the heck are you doing? You need to stand out and get noticed and PROVE to potential employers that you WANT the job. Otherwise, why should they hire you?

When I owned my own agency back in the dot-com days, I would never look at resumes. I would say, “show me”. If they couldn’t show me what they’ve done, I wouldn’t even pay attention to them.

Doers get what they want…

I recently posted on several Cleveland internship boards that I was looking for an intern. So far I’ve received about 20 emails from people. Not a single one of them has a website, or even a blog, or even a Twitter name. People… you’re applying to be an intern for a guy who does Web marketing.

The point is this. If you can’t show me, you don’t get hired. Want a better career? Want more money? Want longer vacations?

Show me.

Now get to work.