Video Splitscreening Gets Attention

August 24th, 2010 → 3:41 am @ // 0 Comments

I love what David Garland does on his show. He interviews people on Skype, and records it with a program that I also use called Ecamm. But he records the video, and as you will see it split screens it and makes for a fun interview. I love technology. Here’s the interview I did with David a few weeks ago.

It’s ridiculous how easy and cheap this is. Yet… for some reason nobody else is doing it. Skype is free. Ecamm is like $19.95 I think. The rest is just contacting people in your industry and asking them to be on the show.

What is the big deal? Why is this so hard for people? Do you realize how much attention he has gotten from these interviews? C’mon people… let’s get on this. No excuses. Go do this. Find the top 20 people in your industry and tell them you want to do interviews just like this with them.

Then do it. Then take those videos and showcase them on your website or blog. Build an archive of them and give them away to members or subscribers or heck, put them on a DVD and send them out to people.

I did this a while back with audio interviews. Go over to my free member site and join up and access over 30 audio podcasts from industry experts, all for free.

But do something!!!! This is too easy.