Vanity & Badges

August 19th, 2009 → 10:31 am @ // 0 Comments

I love tools like this one that give you a valuation of your website. Check it out. is valued at over $500k. Valuation $523,505 | Jimkukral
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Sure, totally meaningless really, but effective in terms of giving me something to share with my friends. And also serves my vanity of seeing my own “stats” and “rating”. Makes me feel good I suppose.

What’s even smarter about this is that they offer me a badge I can put on my blog very easily that allows their product to go viral.

My site is worth$523,505Your website value?

People love to hear themselves talk. It’s true. Vanity works, and it’s the dirty little secret successful marketer’s use every day online to get you to take action.

By the way, is only worth $17k or so.