Want to be in the book? We’re looking for stories about how you, or someone you know, with a business or a personal brand, is using, or has used attention getting techniques to be successful.


It doesn’t have to be a huge story either. Small successes are still successes! Agencies are welcome to submit for your clients too.

Please use the form below to submit your story. Don’t worry, we’ll contact you first if we publish it in the book and make sure all the facts are right. We’ll even edit it so don’t worry about grammar and spelling and all that nonsense. 🙂


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Here’s a simple story about how you can use attention to accomplish little, yet important things.

Name: Ari J. Greenberg from Baveo.com
Tell Your Story: I was trying to secure a partnership with the #1 apartment website in the country. I could never get the guy on the phone and he never responded to my emails. I decided to send two dozen bagels and cream cheese to his office one morning with a note that said “Dear Mike, I hope your team enjoys the breakfast. Best, Ari.”

Talk About Results?: This definitely got his attention. I received a call that day (his team enjoyed the bagels) and we signed a partnership agreement.

This is another story about a guy who used an attention getting technique to get his house fixed.

Name: Tom Rice from DomainBeautiful.com
Tell Your Story: The contractor that was building my house ran into financial trouble, and started hiding behind his answering machine for three weeks, instead of working to complete my house.

I gave him an ultimatum to contact me by a certain day, or something truly embarrassing was going to occur. He did not deign to answer by the appropriate day or time.

So, I called up the local newspaper and placed an ad in the lost and found column, like he was a pet:

Lost: My builder. Answers to the name of Bob. If you see him, please tell him to finish my house. -Tom Rice

Talk About Results?: The next day, after going three weeks without seeing a single individual on site, I had 5 builders working on my house, and they completed it in short order. In my case, my ad was directed towards one specific individual, and yeah, it was worth every bit of the ten bucks I spent.