Steal This Idea: The Economic Bailout Show

November 26th, 2008 → 10:38 am @ // 0 Comments

You get noticed by doing something different. You get noticed by doing something fun. You get noticed by solving a problem.

I could go on and on…

The point is, a sure-fire way to be successful, quicker, is to get noticed. To create attention.

Here’s an idea and example for you to steal right now. Not sure if it’s been done, but it would work. Please do it.

The Economic Bailout Show – Create a daily web show where you keep tabs on the USA economic bailout. If you’re a financial person, or economist, this would be perfect for you. But a domain like and put the videos up there.

Point your Flip camera at yourself every day and talk about the bailout. Here’s a sample script.

“Welcome Americans, my name is Joe Smith and welcome to the daily bailout show, where we keep tabs on how the Government is spending YOUR money. After all, it is our money, so let’s make sure we keep them accountable.”

Now, pull out a big chalkboard, or chart that you’ve been updating daily that shows where the money has been going, to whom, and when, and the amount spent, etc…

“Looks like so far our government has spent 20% of the initial bailout funding, and today have announced that they are going to need an additional $800 billion.”

You get the idea? I would tune in every day for a 5-minute update about where my government is spending MY money. Wouldn’t you?

You don’t have to be Gary V. You don’t have to be Cramer. Be yourself.


What, you don’t have 5 minutes a day? C’mon. If you know this topic, you can do this.

Think about how viral this would be right now? This is a HOT topic. Think about how many people would share this with their friends. Think about the press coverage you would get as “the video bailout watchdog guy/gal” or something like that.

Steal this idea, please. Then let me know when it’s done so I can feature its success in the book.