Poll: Show The Video Of Naked Man Reading My Book?

October 4th, 2010 → 6:32 pm @ // 0 Comments

I need your help. Sound off in the comments. If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that on the very first page I challenge you to get my attention in a unique way. It’s been over a month or so since the book launched, and so far I’ve had some creative attempts, but none that have REALLY gotten my attention. Today, however, well, um…

I got an email this morning from a guy who bought my book and took video of himself reading it on his couch… in the nude.

It’s about a minute long (the video, stop it) and he’s covering up his private parts with my book (eww). There’s no name. His face isn’t blurred out. You can’t see anything naughty. He doesn’t talk, he just reads the book.

My insider circle told me to absolutely NOT publish it. I’m not convinced however. What do you say? Convince me either way and I might just publish it.

And before you accuse me of making this up for attention, I promise you I am not.

Here’s a video on YouTube that is full of naked people, just in case you were wondering if publishing something like this on YouTube was possible. I didn’t know either.