Jim Kukral is a web marketer & business web coach, speaker, long-time award-winning blogger, customer evangelist, writer, online monetization expert, and well, a bunch of other things. Yeah, he’s done a bit of everything online.

For years Jim has been working on the bleeding edge of web marketing and business. From owning his own web firms to consulting for some of the world’s largest companies, Jim Kukral has experienced just about everything web related you can think of. That’s why Jim has become one of the Industry’s most sought after consultants and public speakers.

Jim focuses on helping businesses and brands find success online. Whether that’s through providing expert advice for the firm that can’t figure out how to get their web strategy right, or helping a business achieve more publicity, sales or leads, Jim has the experience and knowledge to get it done right the first time.

When Jim isn’t speaking or consulting to top Fortune 500 clients, Jim spends his business hours as the owner of Scratchback.com, a widget-based tipping system that thousands of bloggers and webmasters use daily. Jim also produces a daily web show about web marketing and being an entrepreneur called the Daily Flip, where he broadcasts shows in audio or video. The Daily Flip reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners.

Jim has written professionally for both clickZ.com and Builder.com, as well as other top Industry magazines like Revenue Today. He is currently writing a new book (details to come in the future).

Jim is also a highly rated speaker at Industry events, and has experience working as a show emcee and special introductions for keynote speakers. Read more about Jim’s speaking or book him for your event.

Jim is also regarded as a web video expert, having produced hundreds of videos for himself and his clients, that have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. His free guide called the Online Video Toolkit has been featured in Entrepreneur blogs and on Marketing Sherpa.

But what Jim is most proud of is his ability to have fun in his work. “If it’s not fun, why do it?,” says Jim. Because of his love of “fun”, Jim has created fun projects like the Awesome Million, and Big Brown Box. Clients who work with Jim enjoy his attitude and willingness to think beyond the limits of innovation and creativity.

Here’s what a few people have to say about Jim Kukral.

Jim has a way of looking at an issue in a different way than the average Joe. His ability to take something that any of us would look as just “x” or “y” and uncover true revenue producing opportunities is why you should listen to him. He’s one of those folks who constantly has his ear and eye in tuned to opportunities where others just see “video” or “software” Jim sees dollar signs, the beauty is the simplicity by which he sees such opportunities, no he will not present a convoluted idea taking 12 months and a team of 20 to get off the ground, its the quick opportunities that sit before us every day that Jim finds and creates value with. – Wil Reynolds – Founder SEER Interactive (http://www.thinkseer.com)

“Jim is a marketer’s marketer. Instead of throwing out buzzwords and catchy slogans, Jim solves problems for clients and consumers. That practical based nature of his marketing approach sets Jim apart as both a leader and prophet of reason in the online marketing wilderness.” – Sam Harrelson, SamHarrelson.com

“When I think of Internet video, I think of Jim Kukral. He’s on the bleeding edge with editing, production quality and creativity. Jim is the Scorsese of Internet video geeks.” – Shawn Collins, Co-founder of the Affiliate Summit conference.

“Following Jim has inspired me since the day I started listening to what he had to say, without his inspiration I would not have doubled my business in 2007-2008, Jim is truly a Entrepreneur to pay attention to.” – John Fischer CEO StickerGiant.com Inc.