Introducing the Chief Content Officer

June 3rd, 2010 → 2:17 am @ // 0 Comments

From the Independent and Tweeted by Steve Rubel.

Title: PR stunt or the new journalism?: The titans of public relations are going direct to viewers and readers

Public relations, to some the business of puff and fluff, is flexing its media muscles like never before and strong- arming its way into areas once considered the exclusive domains of advertising agencies, broadcasters and publishers.

PRs, who once had to go through the prism of journalism to convey their messages to a mass audience, are increasingly confident in circumventing traditional media altogether. In generating their own video and text-based digital content on behalf of clients, they are not only taking the bread from the table of a weakened advertising sector but encroaching onto the old territory of television and press companies.

Introducing the new role in the corporate world: the Chief Content Officer.

Here’s what’s happening. This article is right. We’ve reached a stage where companies need to create their own content instead of hiring it out to places like PR and Ad agencies. Sure, many have been doing this for a long time, but at the corporate level of many big companies, they’ve relied far too long on vendors to get it done.

Sambrook is convinced that Edelman’s clients must take their message directly to the consumer. “The mantra is that every company has to be a media company in their own right, telling their own stories not just through websites but through branded entertainment, video, iPad and mobile applications,” he says. “Big companies are going directly to the consumer to engage them now, rather than through display or spot ads and the traditional means of trying to reach consumers. You can’t just be out there shouting at people about your brand, you’ve got to engage with them quite carefully, and the editorial skills that I can bring can help with that.”

The truth is that every business, large or small, needs to have a Chief Content Officer. Someone who’s responsible for telling the company story in-house through all the current traditional models, as well as all the new “new media” models such as social media and apps, etc…

This article argues that PR agencies like Edelman are stepping up to this task. I argue that companies should do it themselves. Who can tell your story better than you can? Nobody. All it takes is a little skill and creativity, combined with some good ideas, and your company could be riding the wave of more sales, leads and publicity.

Of course, all of this is covered in great deal, with examples, in my book. I can’t wait for you to read it.