I Wear Your Shirt – The $66,795 Idea

May 26th, 2009 → 12:18 pm @ // 0 Comments

Months ago I interviewed Jason Sadler of IWearYourShirt.com about his attention-getting idea. Summary: he wears a different shirt every day of the next year (2009).

The catch, you pay him to do it.

I love Jason’s idea and implementation. It works for several reasons, most of which I’ll outline when I feature his story in my upcoming book.

So, now, months later after I interview him (listen above), where is Jason on his promotion?

Well, according to his website, he’s sold out through November 09 and is looking like he’s going to make it all the way through the end of the year.

In case you were wondering, that’s $66,795 dollars he will earn if he sells out. (Minus fees)

How much is that in PayPal fees Jason? 🙂