How To Choose A Name That Gets Attention

December 21st, 2008 → 11:31 pm @ // 0 Comments

Over at, I wrote about how my project called has gotten written up in all kinds of major media publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, INC. Magazine, Brandweek, and The Wall Street Journal… all because of the name.

The point is, the name matters, most of the time. Here’s some tips for you when considering a name for a project or business.

Brainstorm It!
Sit down with a piece of paper and write down the craziest and most outrageous names you can think of. Don’t hold back. If you’re in a room of people, make sure everyone understands that you’ll be considering everything and nobody should worry about coming up with something off-limits.

Test It!
Take that list afterward and take it home to your spouse, or family member and read them off. Share them with your employees, peers or customers. Why not?

Choose It!
While you’re testing your names, remember, the ones that get either a gasp, or a laugh, or both, are usually the good ones to keep. Think about that for a second…