Go Banannas! Get Attention!

December 8th, 2010 → 6:47 pm @ // 0 Comments

Saul gets it. In fact, Saul should be in my book. Too late, it’s already printed, but I’ll put him in the next edition. Look at what Saul did to stand out at a trade show and get attention.

A few months ago I was given the challenge of creating an experience at a trade show where like my previous story, there would be a lot of Batman’s and Superman’s (ie: a slew of ordinary yet expensive trade show booths) and like when I was eleven there was really only one way to tackle the situation.

So last month at the Paypal Innovate Conference I took my own eleven year old dress wearing advice to heart and abandoned the idea of competing head to head with the other exhibitors and instead of trying to outspend the competition at the show (or any time) the obvious way to stand out from the crowd is to change the rules and make the other exhibitors go bananas!

This was accomplished with my friends (OK we are more then friends) at FreshBooks not having a booth at all but rather a stand…and not just any stand but a Banana Stand…and not just any Banana Stand but an almost exact replica of the Bluth Banana Stand from the TV show Arrested Development.