Free Cars Get Attention

December 30th, 2011 → 10:25 pm @ // 0 Comments

A Cleveland area car dealership is offering a free car if the local sports team shuts out the other team this weekend. Story here.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — You’re a real Browns fan. You know that they’re not only going to beat Pittsburgh on Sunday, they’re going to destroy them. They’re going to shut out the Steelers, leaving them without so much as a field goal.

Well, for people was confident as you, Medina car dealer Bill Doraty has an offer – buy a car this week, and you’ll get it for free if the Browns keep their rivals scoreless on New Year’s Day.

I talk about similar stories in the book. Why do people keep doing them? Because they work! If I was in the market for a new car and was ready to buy, I’d go there just in case. Why not? It’s worth the shot at a free car.

Also, look at all the promotion they are getting from this. It’s been on every local news station and radio and in the newspapers. Not to mention social media play. Bravo.