Everyone Hates The Bad Guy, But…

July 6th, 2010 → 7:41 pm @ // 0 Comments

The bad guy can get lots of attention.

One of the things I write about in the book is how you can be the bad guy for attention. The bad guy, the negative guy, the jerk… that person can get attention like nobody’s business. Why? Because people are drawn to the negativity more than they are to positivity. It’s just human nature. People love to see someone stand out, good or bad.

One of the problems with being the bad guy is that while you can get a lot of attention, you also get a lot of criticism and even more people who will root against you and want to bring you down.

If you know anything about poker, you will know who Phil Helmuth is. He’s pretty much an icon in the poker world, having been one of the youngest to win the World Series of Poker about 20-years ago. Since then he has continued to win many events, and continued to create this “loose cannon bad guy” type image for himself.

That’s great, he gets a lot of attention for his brand. But guess what? People like to see him lose now. Watch this video.

Some questions to ask yourself before you go the bad/negative guy route with your brand.

1. Are you sure you can handle it? Being the bad guy takes committment. You can’t flip from it. You have to live it. Otherwise nobody will believe it.

2. Do you want to do it? You should realize that while it’s good at helping you get attention, it’s also good at making you into something you might not be. If you aren’t that type of person in real life, don’t try to fake it, it won’t work.

Personally, I love the bad guys. They’re fun to watch because they know how to get a lot of attention. But I’m not that person, so I can’t be one of them. Are you a bad guy?