Don't Send A Letter… Make A Video!

October 1st, 2009 → 2:39 pm @ // 0 Comments

Phone calls don’t work anymore, usually. Letters… who opens them? If you want to get the attention of somebody, or a business, in today’s busy world, you should make a video. This guy did

Darren Bryant of Pensacola, Fla. spent hours in what he calls Bank of America’s “phone maze,” getting bounced from person to person, never reaching somebody who could address his situation.

Finally, in one last desperate attempt to get someone’s attention, he uploaded a five-minute video to YouTube in which he explains his predicament and gives his phone number and email address.

“The reason I’m making this video is to get in contact with somebody from Bank of America that can make a decision,” Bryant says in the video, which he uploaded on Monday. He then emailed a link to over a dozen Bank of America email addresses he said he found online.