Director of Fun!

August 24th, 2009 → 3:10 pm @ // 0 Comments

John from Duct Tape Marketing sent out a tweet today that featured this clever story.

A six year old wrote a letter to the National Rail Museum applying for one of their board posts. A relatively gutsy move for a wee fella. In a move which I can only describe as brilliant and inspired, Museum management decided to grant him a board position. He is now “Director of Fun”.

Brilliant on many levels:

>> Clever PR (which alone makes the move worthwhile for the Museum)
>> Excellent differentiation in an era when not-for-profits are finding it hard to get attention
>> A brilliant example of understanding your buyer personas (see David Meerman Scott on this subject) and arguably the most important ones for the museum – is there anyone more important to a rail museum than a six year old train enthusiast?
>> Most importantly, imagine how that little chap (and his parents and friends) feel? Possibly the highlight of his life so far.

I agree. I used to work with a guy who had a title of “Sales Weasel”. It poked fun at his sales weasel-ness and lightened the conversation with prospects. I also knew a person that had “Rocket Scientist” on his business card. But that one was real, he worked for NASA. 🙂

What can you rename to get attention? Think about it.

One last thing I love about this story is the vision of the museum board to have some fun and give this a try. It really does start at the top with the people in charge.