Denny's Superbowl Ad Part II: 1700% Increase In Web Traffic

February 7th, 2009 → 11:34 am @ // 0 Comments

In the last post we showed the now famous Denny’s Superbowl ad that caused a heckuva lot of attention across the United State for the free breakfast offer.

Now even more stats are coming out that show that the attention-getting ad and campaign did in fact really work, and work well. According to Read/WriteWeb

This year’s Super Bowl didn’t feature a lot of outstanding ads, but according to the latest data from Compete, quite a few advertisers were able to get a sizable share of the audience to head over to their websites on game day. The charge was led by Denny’s, which used its ads to offer a free breakfast to all Americans. Denny’s saw its traffic grow by almost 1700% on the day of the Super Bowl.

1700% increase??? Denny’s definitely wins the Superbowl challenge. This should also be a good reminder to you that when in doubt… Free works. What can you give away? Really think about it. It has to be meaningful and it can’t break your bankbook either.

Get creative. Think differently and really stretch your mind with some new ideas. They just might work.