Denny's Superbowl Ad: Free Breakfast Brings The Attention

February 3rd, 2009 → 4:49 pm @ // 0 Comments

Probably the best, most attention getting Superbowl ad in 2009 was from Denny’s. Here’s the commercial, with the result below.

Denny’s, the restaurant chain, appeared to hit a grand slam with its Super Bowl ad, offering a free Grand Slam breakfast for patrons dining between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. Eggs, pancakes and meat at no charge!


Great idea? Right? It really was. Look at the Google trends map for that day. People were talking about Denny’s! I bet more than they were talking about the other Superbowl ads two days after the event.

From the USA Today piece on this. “The News quotes Nelson Marchioli, president and CEO of Denny’s, as saying he expects at least 2 million more customers today. “In this economy, people will respond to free,” he says.”

Indeed… free works.

Here’s a video from an ABC affiliate of people waiting in line for the free meal.

So, did you like the ad? Did you go and get your free meal? Share your experience here in the comments.