Deliberately Bad Press Adds "Heat", Gets Attention

April 22nd, 2009 → 8:56 am @ // 0 Comments

Some PR pros get it. Creating bad attention can be good.

When music magazine Blender ranks its best songs of the year, they include the same records we see on everybody else’s list. Press-wise, it’s a non-starter.

But when you devise “worst” lists, the buzz becomes more heightened and interesting.

When Blender ranked their worst songs of the last 30 years, radio DJ’s argued, blog posts became flame wars, and USA Today picked it up. (FYI, Jefferson Starship’s “We Built This City” topped the list.)

Why do you think the late Mr. Blackwell became a cultural icon by releasing his annual “Worst Dressed List?”

Sometimes you have to embrace your inner troublemaker and get over the notion that Luke Skywalker is the hero to emulate. Darth Vader can be a hell of a lot more fun and get far more press coverage.

Sage advice.