Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers?

May 13th, 2009 → 10:18 am @ // 0 Comments

So today I got a Fedex package and in it was a neat little package of chocolate covered grasshoppers.


But the promotion I loved. In fact, it was done so well on so many levels, well, you see the result here of me writing about it.

The packaging directed me to here:

On that page is a fun viral-type video. Watch:

Also included on the page are tell a friend email scripts, plus links to easily let you share it to Twitter and Facebook and other places. Then a nice subtle link to “What is Grasshoppper?” which brings you to a nice clean and easy explanation of what it is.

Well done. Great attention-getting technique here, and more importantly…. great follow through. I will definitely be contacting them to do an interview for the book about this campaign.