Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers Means Lots Of Traffic!

June 16th, 2009 → 4:03 pm @ // 0 Comments

A while back I wrote about a company that rebranded as and proceeded to send out 5,000 packs of chocolate covered grasshoppers.

Well, data has now come out about the ROI for this campaign. In a report over at Mashable

The Grasshopper campaign proved to be very fruitful and buzz circulated on-air and across the web. To date, the company has seen a huge uptake in social media mentions, web traffic, and hopefully new customers. Here are a few notable stats from the campaign:

– 4,911% traffic increase from April to May
– 144,843 video views with 162 comments
– 1,500 tweets
– 120 blog posts in one month
– Tweets from Guy Kawasaki, Kevin Rose, and Jason Calacanis
– 7 national TV mentions

Basically, Grasshopper was able to saturate the blogosphere and twitterosphere, while securing a plethora of mainstream media coverage, simply with a bag of dead grasshoppers and some ingenuity. That’s clever marketing and we applaud them for their creativity, though no Mashable (Mashable) staffers were brave enough to consume any grasshoppers.

Not too shabby eh? What I’d like to know though is how much those grasshoppers cost, and how much to send them out to 5,000 people, and any other costs they may have had. Only then can you try to get a true ROI on a campaign. If you’re reading this from, can you illuminate?

By the way, my 4-year-old boy ate them all over the course of two days without blinking an eye. I’ll always remember that… and I’ll always remember now because of it.