Cause Marketing

August 3rd, 2010 → 6:33 pm @ // 0 Comments

I write in depth in my book about marketing for causes. Cause marketing of course means that you’re putting the cause first. It can’t work the other way around. You are simply the organizer of the cause, your brand or business, and the last thoughts you should have is “how do I profit from this?”

If you try it that way, you’re doing it wrong.

Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging., gets it. He’s organized a cause marketing effort that is worth your time and donations. Check it out here. I donated, and gave a signed copy of my book into the prize pool as well. And now I’m spreading it here, and on Twitter and Facebook.

Because that’s what I should do. Not because it helps me in any way. Not because I can get ROI from it. I share the message because it needs to be shared. I live a blessed life, and I thank the powers that be every single day for it. When I see others that are struggling I have to react.

Which is why social media is such an amazing and powerful thing. It allows us to almost instantly, and easily share and spread the word about things like this. And more importantly, because it’s easy, it works. Consider the United Way for example. Before the Web and social media they OWNED the massive percentage of donations from the public. Why? Because they had the biggest name and marketing budget. Other, small, also deserving charities and causes couldn’t compete.

Now they can. Please head on over and see how you can create your own cause marketing campaign as Scott did. Then donate. Or just donate below.