Brilliant! Attention! Magazine Feature

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Thanks to the wonderful people over at Brilliant Results magazine who featured myself and my book Attention! in this issue. Please stop over and download a free copy of the magazine. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

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Attention! Book Signing In Vegas For Blogworld

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I hope to see you at Blogworld in Vegas later this week? I’ll be signing books on two different days in two different locations. I’d love to sign a book for you.

jim kukral attention book signing

The first is in the Wiley booth on Friday at 3:00. The second is at the Blogworld bookstore at 4:45 on Sat.

PLEASE come by and bring a copy of my book and I’ll add my signature to it. Plus, I’d just like to meet you and hear about any great ideas or anything else positive that has come from you reading it.

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Social Media Brand Explosion

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I wrote this for the 10 Golden Rules blog. Click the link to read the entire post.

I’ve been promoting the Jim Kukral brand online for close to 15-years now. In 2001 I bought the domain name and began to blog about every day things, like being cut-off on the road on the way to work, or how the tragedy of 9/11 changed my life, and yours. You know, silly life stuff. That’s what people did at the time.

As I said, my first blog wasn’t about “business,” heck, nobody back then was using blogs for their businesses. It was all about building your brand by letting people around the world, people normally outside of your circle of influence, come in and learn more about you. It was years later that I began to utilize blogs as a marketing and business tool.

I wrote one of the first eBooks online that explained how to make money from a blog. The year was 2003 and it was called Blogs To Riches. The eBook contained tips and strategies for how to use your blog to build a personal brand and then how to turn that brand into revenue. When I first launched the eBook I received tons of publicity from it, and 90% of it bad. I was getting hate mails from people saying things like “Blogging is pure, you can’t make money from it you jerk!” or “You’re an idiot, nobody will ever make any money from a blog.” Indeed, the same types of things people were saying about social media in the beginning.

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How To Get The Local Media To Love You

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I’ve had a pretty decent track record of getting local media to pay attention to me. If you’ve read the book you know about the story where I went from a simple idea to getting on the evening news in 8-hours. It’s a great story, get a copy of the book and check it out. I know a little bit about pitching as my second book coming out in Spring 2011 is called The Ultimate Pitch!

I’ve been on local radio shows, in local magazines, in the local newspaper, on TV and more. Today I did Cleveland’s biggest morning show called Good Company on WKYC. Here’s the video from the show.

So how did I get on that show? Here’s the process…

You Gotta Have A Story!

I have a book I want to promote, sure, but you can’t just contact local media and say, “Can we talk about my book?” It won’t work. Here’s what I did. On my book launch day last week I kept track of how low my book reached on the Amazon ranking list. At one point I got to #586 in sales of millions and millions of books on the site. I also got to the #1 category for “hot new releases”. See images below.

So how many local Cleveland boys do you think have done that? It’s a story! Here’s the pitch I wrote to send to the local media a week before my launch as a teaser.

Hi there,

I’m like Drew Carey. Well, I look like him sorta. I’m a regular Cleveland guy, but I’m also Cleveland’s biggest Web geek. My name is Jim Kukral. I’m writing you today because I have a new book coming out next week called “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money”. More at

As part of the Cleveland media, I was hoping you’d give a local-boy the opportunity to tell you and your audience more about the book. Who am I? Here’s my short bio:

For over 15-years, Jim Kukral has helped small businesses and large companies like Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance understand how find success on the Web. He is an award-winning blogger, professional speaker, sought-after speaker and Web business consultant.

I can tell many stories and give tips to your audience about how to:

*Use social media to get a job
*Increase your sales with attention-getting marketing ideas
*Learn how to start your own business online and make money from home

Thank you for your consideration. You can contact me direct at 555-555-5555 or via email here.

P.S. Here’s a private PDF of some excerpts from the book for you to check out now to get a feel for the content.

I sent that to all the contacts at the local level I could find. More on that below. Here’s the follow up pitch I used the day after my launch to those same contacts.

I’m about to hit #1 on Amazon today for my book. Can we book me for your show? By tomorrow I’ll have a #1 Amazon best selling book.

Jim Kukral

Then I followed up with each of them with a phone call. This is what got me booked on the show. The whole thing took me a few hours of my time to do. Now, you’re saying that “big deal Jim, getting on a local show isn’t that hard.” You’re right, it’s not THAT hard. But the rewards from it are great. I have seen thousands and thousands of dollars of consulting work come in from my local speaking and media appearances. I’ve also begun to build my reputation as a good guest. Not to mention, having video as you see above is a great audition for national shows. Remember, they need to see you’re going to be good on camera and have something good to say. They’re taking a big risk bringing you in and then you may suck and the segment is blown. They’re in business to engage viewers/listeners/readers, remember.

So How Did I Find The Contacts To Pitch?

It’s really so easy you’ll kick yourself for not doing it. Just go to the website for each channel/station/publication and find the contact information and email them. Most TV stations have a newsdesk. You can email your pitch to them directly. The show producers are the ones who pick the stories to run. However results may vary with this approach. I’ve found that going direct to the personalities works best.

Figure out which person on the show that you want to target and go to them direct. If your pitch is good, they’ll pass it on to the producer. Most all of them have emails nowadays. Resist the urge to send it to every person or email on the site. That will only make them mad. Pick a person that you think your pitch will resonate with. For me, I chose Andrea Vecchio from the Good Company show.

Now follow up as I said above. Just because you don’t hear back doesn’t mean it’s dead in the water. These are busy people and they get pitched all day long.

Remember! It’s Not About You

My big thing was to help them help their readers find a job. I offered five tips. They love tips. Stuff like that. Stuff that can fill a segment. As I mentioned above, you don’t want to talk about your book or your product or your service. You want to to talk about something that their audience needs/wants. Then they’ll inject your book or whatever into the message.

Now… go do it. It’s not that hard.

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Everyone Knows A Lot About Something

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This was originally published on Ben Spark’s blog as a guest post by me.

Darren Rowse, otherwise known as, slowly and quietly built a million-dollar brand for himself on the Web by becoming the world’s authority on how to create and profit from a blog. How did he do it? It all started with a domain name and a passion for blogging, which he then built up over time as THE most trusted and respected resource in the world of professional blogging, all from his living room in Australia. Rowse realized that he knew a lot about the business of blogging early, so he took that knowledge and used it to help education millions of others with a craving for that information.

Brian Clark, also known as, spent two years giving away free information about how to write powerful and profitable copy for the Web. In return, Clark, a former lawyer with a knack for words, now holds the title as one of the most influential and skilled copywriters online. This influence has allowed him to launch a litany of profitable products of which his eager readers snatch up without question.

Joel Libava took his years of experience and expertise as a franchise owner and turned it into a well-known brand and business called The Franchise King. Libava leveraged his knowledge into a successful franchise coaching business. He is also a frequent media personality having become a trusted resource for newspapers, magazines, television stations, and radio stations all over the country.

Shawn Collins and Missy Ward took their years of knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing and created the worlds largest affiliate marketing conference and industry mega-brand called the Affiliate Summit.

These are only a few examples of regular people taking the knowledge that they have in their heads, and transferring it onto the Web. Millions of people just like Darren, Brian, Joel, Shawn and Missy wake up every day and reach for Internet millions using the same philosophy, and so can you. You simply have to figure out what it is you know a lot about, or are really good at.

How Do I Figure That Out?

Here’s an exercise for you: Get out a piece of paper or open a Word document and write down a list of subjects you happen to know a lot about. It can be anything. Maybe you’re the worlds best stay-at-home mom, or you happen to be really good at playing World of Warcraft. It doesn’t matter how silly or small or weird you think it is, and here’s why: The truth is that, whatever you happen to know a lot about, or are really good at, there are people out there who want to know what you know. That’s the truth. It’s the reason why Google makes billions of dollars and why the Internet spins round and round. People want to find answers to their problems. Like Google, you’re going to give it to them.

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Trust Your Gut

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This is a guest post I wrote on Kim Ann Curtin’s blog.

Over the years of working on the Web I’ve come to realize that there’s one sure-fire way to know if what I’m doing, or who I’m working with, is the right thing to do.

I trust my gut.

Everyone has an instinct. It’s that little voice in your head that tells you things like:

* This person you’re about to go into business with is a jackass
* That client is never going to buy from you
* This gal is going to stiff me come invoice date
* And so on…

You don’t know where the voice is coming from. Or why the voice is telling you this. But you know it’s right. As humans we learn through experience. As we gain experience, we gain insight and we begin to form educated, and sometimes not, opinions and feelings about those experiences. This is how we learn, and how we react.

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Attention! Video Review: The Franchise King

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The Franchise King reviews the book.

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Empty Your Head Into Your Wallet

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This is a guest post I wrote on the Contentrix blog.

You have Internet Marketers, and you have everyone else. Internet Marketers see content as something you use to create an action. Either a sale, or a word of mouth mention, or a subscriber, or a lead, etc… Content is a tool to reach a goal. Everyone else… they think content is content. It’s something you create and distribute, usually free, and that’s that.

That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with creating content for free. In fact, more people should do it. However, there is a point in time when you finally say to yourself, “Wow, I really should be taking the knowledge and skill that’s in my head, and start putting it on the Web… and sell it.”

Let’s face it. Everyone needs money, unless you’re independently wealthy and or don’t care about food, clothing and shelter. You, yes you, the teacher, the artist, whomever you are, you will eventually reach a point when you want to take the content you’ve been creating for years and find a way to make some revenue from it.

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Chris Brogan Reviews Attention!

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Chris Brogan reviews Attention.

I’m really happy with what Jim Kukral put down on in his book, Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue. By the way, Jim, I think you get the reward for longest subtitle ever. The book is full of actionable advice for how to use the online world to improve your business marketing. It’s geared more towards smaller to medium businesses, but a savvy enterprise buyer would get some value out of it, too.

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The Universal Truth of Selling on the Web: Simple Wins

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This is a guest post that I wrote for Small Business Trends, the number one small business resource on the Internet.

Choices are great on a menu, but too many choices on your website or landing page or even within your products can cause indecision. Too many choices can lead to confusion, and when you’re in the business of trying to make a sale, confusion is the enemy. What’s the opposite of confusion? The answer is easy. The best way to make things easy? Keep them simple.

Often we’re too focused on giving our customers too much. When you go to the barber, he doesn’t give you a menu of haircuts. You sit down, tell him simply what you’d like done, he pulls out his tools and cuts your hair. All very quickly and without fuss, which is the reason most men still prefer to go to a barber rather than a “salon”: It’s simple.

Read the rest of the article.

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