My Affiliate Summit Keynote

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I was proud to take the stage at the largest Affiliate Summit to date to deliver my keynote speech. Here is the recording from the live stream in case you missed it. If you were there, you would have received a free copy of my book! Lisa Barone covered it in GREAT detail on her blog in written form if you don’t have time for the video.

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Attention! In Local Bookstores (Send me a pic)

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Today is the first day that Attention! is on bookshelves across America. I haven’t had a chance to go to mine yet to see it on the shelves, so I’m asking if you’d stop by your local bookstore and look for me? Only if you’re out and about that is. 🙂

Try Borders, or Barnes & Nobles, or any local bookstore. If you do run out, would you mind snapping a photo of my book on the shelf? If you do, I’ll send you a prize!

Note: The first person to do this I’ll give you a signed copy of the book.

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Kindle & Nook, Get Em While They’re Hot

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Attention! is also available in Kindle & Nook, and iBooks for your iPhone or iPad (just search Kukral). I don’t have an iPad yet, or a Kindle, or a Nook, but I will be getting one of them soon enough.

I did buy a copy of the book on my iPhone just to see how it worked. I can’t imagine reading an entire book on it. But it was pretty neat.

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How About Just A Taste? Attention! Excerpts

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What do I have to do to convince you it will help you be successful? As you may have read, I’m so confident that you will love this book that I am personally guaranteeing it.

Need more convincing? How about some free chapters?

Here’s a little taster set for you. I’ve taken a bunch of some of my favorite excerpts from the book and put them in a PDF that you can download for absolutely nothing. These were what I used to send out to journalists and influencers in the past few months to procure media and early sales.

There are two documents to choose from. Please enjoy. Remember, these were early copies before the edit. So the typos and errors are bonus items!


I Wrote A Book That You Will Love

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10-years ago I had the idea that I would one day write a book. It seemed like such a lofty goal way back when. Today I’m proud to tell you that I’ve done it! My very first published book hits bookstores tomorrow morning. It’s online now for ordering.

The book was written for you. The small business owner who wants to find inexpensive ways to generate more sales, leads and publicity to boost their business. The entrepreneur who needs to make a splash and get noticed. The job seeker who wants to get a new job or improve their career.

It’s all in here. Everything you need to be successful. Early reviews say things like:

“I received my copy yesterday and I am 62 pages in. I’ve already begun implementing Jim’s suggestions as I prepare to brand myself and enter the world of real estate. As a chamber of commerce executive director (ie “attention getter/marketer”), I’ve read ideas in this book that I have already had success with (i.e.: Jim is credible!), and I’ve discovered many useful nuggets I will be using to grow and develop my personal real estate brand, and our chamber of commerce brand.

Buy this book, dig in and put these ideas to work. Jim’s collection of ideas and practices is relevant, real-time, and real-world applicable. His approach to dealing with the media is spot on, I’ve had the exact same experiences. Keep in mind, I am only 62 pages in, and had to take a moment to let you all know what I think already!

If you’re starting, tweeking, growing, or selling a business, this book is a must for understanding how to get your message out there quickly and effectively.”

See all reviews here.

How About A Bonus For Buying It Jim?

As a bonus, I’m giving you a ton of complimentary bonus items worth way more than the cost of the book. Here’s a list of what you get when you order your own copy. These items alone will help you find success. They come from some of the top Web marketers in the business.

How About Another Bonus Jim?

Not good enough you say? Ok, how about this. If you purchase a copy of my book within the next day I’ll throw in a no-cost membership to version 2.0 of my popular Online Video Toolkit, to be released this fall ($999 value). Learn everything you need to know about how to create amazing Web videos and use them to help your business grow. You get it for nothing. Just send me the receipt for the book after you purchase.

More About The Book (The Official Copy)

Whether you’re starting a business, expanding or revamping an existing one, or just hunting for the latest marketing techniques, Attention! provides you with a complete online toolbox for bringing in the customer traffic you want–the kind that boosts your brand while driving revenue and profits.

In easy, bite-size sections, Attention! gives you winning techniques and strategies including:

* Creating a compelling hook
* Maintaining a good brand name online
* Going from idea to success in eight hours
* Twenty-six ways to generate killer ideas
* Three truths for coming up with great ideas
* Making money from online videos
* Making money from social media
* Getting and keeping subscribers
* The universal truths of selling on the Web

Filled with case studies, references, and proven examples of what works online, Attention! is your one-stop road map for success in today’s social Web marketplace.

My Guarantee!

I know you will love the book and I GUARANTEE you that it will help you (see bottom of email for details). Thank you for all of your support.

You can order online at Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, or Borders. You can also go to your local bookstore and ask for a copy. If they don’t have it, tell them you want them to order it!

Jim Kukral

P.S. I know you’ll love the book so much that if you order it, and you don’t find it amazing and inspiring and helpful, I’ll buy it back from you, guaranteed, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.


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Neat Video: Getting My Attention

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Ben Spark read my book and took me up on my challenge of getting my attention. Here’s the video he made.

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Video Book Review from DrCool!

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Video: Hubble Telescope Images Get Attention

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Enough said. You take a giant telescope and send it into orbit, then have it look further into the Universe than ever before. What do you get? Stunning, attention-getting images that will blow you away. Here’s a little video I made featuring those images.


Get Your Book In The Mail? Take A Pic!

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I’d love to have a pic of you with the book when you get it. Feel free to either send it to me, or post it online on Facebook or Flickr or wherever. Just let me know somehow when you do. Thanks!

Here’s Tom Guard with his copy.

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