Attention: Fried Kool-Aid

June 21st, 2011 → 3:35 pm @ // 0 Comments

Good, bad? Doesn’t matter. Have you read my book? Haha. Attention is what you want. From Mashable. Say it like the Kool-Aid guy. Ohhhhhh-yeeeeeaaaaaaah!

An enterprising San Diego man has invented a treat that might give ice cream a run for its money: Fried Kool-Aid.

A five-day-old video of “Chicken” Charlie Boghosian demonstrating how to make Fried Kool-Aid is verging on 100,000 views. Boghosian served the treat at the San Diego County Fair and now the Internet is buzzing. “Fried Kool-Aid” has been a trending topic on Twitter for two days.

Although “likes” outnumber “dislikes” by a wide margin on YouTube, many commentors expressed disgust about the new dessert. One man even made a video asking Boghosian to stop. Neverteless, IRL, people are lapping it up. During the fair’s opening weekend, Boghosian’s food stall went through 150 pounds of Kool-Aid powder and 1,500 pounds of flour. (The rest of the ingredients are a trade secret.)

Emotions create reactions. See the part about how “many commentors expressed disgust”? That’s how you do it.

Here’s a Kool-Aid commercial from the 70’s when I grew up.