Aggregate Stats & Make A Video To Get Attention

August 19th, 2009 → 8:58 am @ // 0 Comments

Now this is how you promote a book! You make a really informative, fun, viral video that your audience will drool over. Then you release it to the world on YouTube and let them send millions of people to you… without having to lift a finger or pay for an ad. Pretty darn smart.

Erik Qualman has written a book called “Socialnomics” which is, of course, about the business of social media. To promote it, he prepared a video. See below. At the time of this blog post here, there was about 116k views of the video. But I fully expect it to get over a million soon enough.

The video is also on his blog. Which of course has a passive sell for his book.

This is a case study on how to generate attention. Nice work Erik, you will be featured in the book for sure!