What’s the one common factor among entrepreneurs who create and grow successful online businesses today?

Attention. They know what kind they need. They know how to get it. They know how to maintain it. And they know how to make it pay over the long term. Want your business to get the high quality customer engagement it needs to thrive? Attention! is the only guide you need.

Whether you’re starting a business, expanding or revamping an existing one, or just hunting for the latest marketing techniques, Attention! provides you with a complete online toolbox for bringing in the customer traffic you want—the kind that boosts your brand while driving revenue and profits.

In easy, bite-size sections, Attention! gives you winning techniques and strategies including:

  • Creating a compelling hook
  • Maintaining a good brand name online
  • Going from idea to success in eight hours
  • Twenty-six ways to generate killer ideas
  • Three truths for coming up with great ideas
  • Making money from online videos
  • Making money from social media
  • Getting and keeping subscribers
  • The universal truths of selling on the Web

Filled with case studies, references, and proven examples of what works online, Attention! is your one-stop road map for success in today’s social Web marketplace.

Praise for Attention!

“Face it. Nobody remembers bland, vanilla marketing. Attitude is what you need for your business to stand out and make money. Get Attention! This Book Will Make You Money because… well… this book WILL make you money.”
–Anita Campbell, founder, SmallBizTrends.com

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–Mark Cuban, owner, Dallas Mavericks, and investor, entrepreneur, Chairman of HDNet

“Jim Kukral has sent us a clear message about the vital and increasingly important role that attention plays in our lives. We’d all be wise to pay close attention to that message.”
–Robert B. Cialdini, New York Times business best-selling Author of Influence: Science and Practice

“If you listened to your friends and neighbors about what to do in business, you would probably fail. It would be all the middle-of-the-road, tried-and-false stuff. If you read Attention! This Book Will Make You Money and tried just a couple of these things, you would probably succeed. Take the success route—it’s a lot more fun. Buy this book.”
–Jon Spoelstra, author of Marketing Outrageously

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–John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine