5 Cent Advice Gets An Architect Noticed… And Business

March 25th, 2009 → 9:12 am @ // 0 Comments

Again, it’s about differentiation. It’s about getting attention. Standing out!

Times are tough, jobs are scarce. Vendors need to stand out from the crowd and give their customers reasons to choose them over their competitors. Now check this out.

An architect decides to give away advice for $.5. Listen to the NPR story here.

After getting laid off from an architecture firm for the second time last year, John Morefield knew something had to change. He could look for another job again — or set up a booth at a local market in Seattle and offer home renovation advice for 5 cents a shot. Now he’s earning more than a nickel — and building a clientele.

Why not free? Well, free is great, but 5 cents is memorable, right? It’s different. It’s attention getting. It got him this NPR story, right?

What are you doing that is memorable and unique and attention getting? Think of something off the wall that might get you noticed and get you more business. Or don’t, and let your competitor do it first.